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She is a magazine journalism major, minoring in fashion marketing. She's extremely creative and is a master of DIY projects. Virginia is very designer savvy and is a super efficient thrift shopper.She finds inspiration in other cultures, and loves the 90's era.

Formerly a film, photography and graphic design student, she is now pursuing a career in biology.  Ashley also has a very artistic side of her, which is mainly noted in her doodle style artwork. She often finds herself divided between the hippie and yuppie cultures but finds a middle ground in music. She's an amazing soundtrack maker.

Probably one of the most easily inspired persons you'll ever meet, Cathleen has a passion for life. She especially has an eye for details, from the simplicity of the fabric's weight to the elaborated stitching and print! Cat is currently majoring in business marketing, and often finds herself unwinding to a wide variety of music while painting abstracts.

Now that we are all properly acquainted, we can't wait to share more of our musings with you! Keep your ears pricked, we're sure to have lots up our sleeves ;)

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  1. cool


  2. Virginia is GORGEOUS! Not that the other two are not, but she just has something very special!

    XO Charlotte

  3. You girls have some of the most coolest things in your store.

    xoxo, http://heelsandwedges.blogspot.com

  4. The three of you are beautiful!!! Great pictures too!!

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  6. u girls are so pretty! and have fabulous style!


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