DIY: how to make your own fringed tee

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These fringy tops have been popping up everywhere. From nasty gal to UO, the tee’s price can get unnecessarily expensive. So what do girls on a budget do? They DIY!

The story behind this tee is a simple one. We found it during one of our many scavenging hunts and automatically had the urge to cut this baby up! So we pinned it to the wall, grabbed our best pair of scissors and began snipping away. Anyone can make this really, no talent needed but there are a few minor tricks into making the fringes…well…fringy.

You will need:
one pair of scissors, an old tee and several pins
Prep: pin and smooth out the tee to avoid cutting into unwanted areas.
Trick # 1: Cut the front and back at the same time, it gives it uniformity and you will work less!

Trick # 2: Cut small rows all the way across the tee

Trick # 3: Tug on each fringe lightly to make it stretch longer and to make the edges curl inward. ( this makes it less apparent that you cut it yourself and also fixes any scissor mistakes!)

Trick # 4: (OPTIONAL) Snip off the ends of each fringe

Have fun cutting up your favorite old tee! As for this tee, it can be found in the shop in a few hours.


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  1. Very cool idea! Love it<3

  2. Love the top! I'll have to do this!
    And of course you can post the photos, that'd be awesome :)


  3. i know exactly what shirt i'll be doing this to. http://theseunitedstatesofamericans.blogspot.com, see post "it's time to believe in what you know"

  4. I'm going to go and buy a whole load of vintage tees and take out my trusty snippers now!

    Love it all the way from Sydney

    x Kel

    visit me at www.amuseabout.com

  5. Excellently done!!


  6. Love it. It so easy to do. I am not too crazy about fringed tees but for those that are into ii, even a five year-old can do it.

  7. i a a huge fan of rock and rolla 80's tees, maybe because of the nostalgic feelings or because of the prints! love what you did with it! when i was young i had the exact same tee! fabulous with the shorts girl, love it

  8. Great DIY tutorial..you made a grungy teeshirt even grungier :)


  9. Love, love, love the fringe! I have been thinking about doing this to some of my vintage tees that I feel are a little too masculine . . . Thanks so much for the diy! You rock! xo Samantha

  10. Uh like that!
    It's really sad with the small shops :( Let's hope they will come back again.
    All the best from Berlin

  11. love love love !!! very good idea !!!!!!


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